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One Week in Full Lockdown

Hello from South Africa where we have now been in full lockdown for one week. Nope, we can’t leave the house to do any form of exercise, and yes, it really does start to drive you crazy after a few days. Cabin fever is definitely starting to set in and we are all finding our own initiative ways to stay healthy, busy and sane!

It is a crazy time for the whole world at the moment and it feels like normal life has been put on pause for a while. Plans have changed for everyone; many people have been left without jobs and families have been separated, so it's a time to stick together and help those who are most vulnerable. Things are going to take a while to return to normal, so it is important to remember why we are in lockdown and to look for the positives in your situation.

We are very lucky that we have a safe place to call home and can comfortably spend time in lockdown- lots of people are not so fortunate. My parents we meant to be coming to visit us here in SA, my visa process has been put on hold, and we’ve had to cancel a lot of trips we had planned- so like most, we are feeling disappointed, unsettled and worried! However, its not all bad! I am baking more than ever before, reading books I’ve been meaning to read for years, and sticking to doing a little bit of yoga everyday….I am also watching a lot more Netflix than I should be and snacking LOTS (we can’t be perfect!)

Here are a few of my tips that have helped us during our first week of lockdown...

Use your commuting time wisely

Think of all the extra time you have acquired since starting to work from home! Try to use this extra time to do something you enjoy. We are using it to have a coffee together on our balcony every morning and in the evening we are doing an at home workout. Maybe there’s a book you’ve been meaning to read for ages or an online course you’ve always wanted to start…now is your chance.

Distinguish between your weekends and weekdays

This is easier for the people that are still working if you, but make sure to plan something, however small, for the weekend. You could plan a date night or spa day at home. It will give you something to look forward to and brighten up your day. We like to have a braai on a Friday evening and on Sunday nights we are doing a weekly quiz with friends and family in the UK.

Chat, chat, chat!!

Socialising is more important than ever at the moment. Check in with your friends and family- celebrate a birthday, play a quiz or just share a glass of wine together. My sister and I have been face timing while doing stretches/yoga in the morning together- it keeps us both motivated and has been much more fun. We have more time than ever to catch up with people so we should make the most of it.

Have alone time

This probably doesn’t seem necessary for a lot of people, but this one is important for people who are in lockdown with a lot of other people. It's easy to get under each other's feet when you're all confined to a small space. Just remember to take a few minutes to yourself- grab a good book, have a bath or listen to a podcast.

Enjoy getting more sleep

Use this time to catch up on some sleep. We are all being forced to slow down, so make the most of it and feel refreshed and energised for when things resume to normal! This doesn't mean sleeping all through the day though- try and stick to a normal sleep pattern.

Keep to a routine

This one is trickier is you aren’t currently working, but try to wake up and go to sleep at the same time everyday, get dressed and don’t stay in your pj’s all day (however tempting that may be!), write a ‘to do’ list and be as productive as possible. Give yourself breaks throughout the day and don't work at the weekend.

Exercise and stretch

I know social media is currently going crazy with workout suggestion and live videos, but it is important to try and get your body moving. Training and being active is something I really enjoy, so even though I am currently confined to a little flat, I'm still trying to find ways to keep moving and new challenges to set myself. Whether it's some yoga, a very mini jog around our courtyard or a HIIT workout to some fun music, it's all helping me to feel slightly more normal and puts me in a happy, positive mood!

It's taken a while to adjust to the new way of life, but we're trying our best to make the most of it. For me it’s a time to appreciate the small things and I'm staying positive by planning for future fun adventures!

Stay home, stay safe.

Tasha x.

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