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Cederberg Weekend Getaway

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Breathtaking rock formations, beautiful hiking/running trails and clear waterfall pools- this is a dreamy, must do trip if you’re in the Cape Town area!!

The drive into the Cederberg is breathtaking. Winding roads with panoramic views through the valleys and over the mountains.

Before Coronavirus and life under the strict new lockdown rules took over our normal lives, John and I had a lovely weekend away in the Cederberg. It’s only a short 3 hour drive away from Cape Town, so seemed like the perfect location for a one night trip.

We'd heard many great things about it and was obviously a popular choice for Capetonians to flock to in their free time. Very quickly we could definitely see why- in just a couple of hours it felt so wonderfully different to the hustle and bustle of Cape Town. I would recommend the Cederberg as a great escape for a few days of hiking and remote beauty.

Our itinerary was quite simple…

We left Cape Town early on Saturday morning and were at our accommodation (Kromrivier) in the Cederberg Park by about 10am. The stunning drive throughout the mountains made the bumpy, gravel roads and numb bum well worth it!

After booting up and making a quick picnic we went off to explore Truitjieskrall with it's ancient rock art and labyrinths of cave tunnels! The Cederberg has an otherworldly landscape, with indigenous fynbos covered hills and spectacular rock formations. Over millions of years the winding rivers, howling winds, and torrential rains chiselled the landscape into the jagged mountains and the bizarrely eroded rocks we see today.

We had great fun exploring all the nooks and crannies of Truitjieskrall, with not another sole in sight.

Getting lost in between the rocks!

On Sunday we woke up to a beautiful pinky-orange sunrise. Eager to start our hike before the day got too hot, we threw on our hiking gear and were in the car ready to go and explore more of the area.

Disa Pool hike was our aim for the day- which conveniently started just a couple of kilometres from our accommodation. We followed a sandy road along the river, again with no one else around, and only having to stop to let a heard of cows pass us.

It was an out and back (8km) walk that took us about 4 hours to complete (with a picnic stop and a swim half way!). Swimming in the waterfall was my favourite part. The water was perfectly clear and the tall rock walls made it feel like our own secluded oasis. And what better way to cool down than plunging yourself into ice cold water!

The walk is fairly flat and follows the river the whole way. It takes you through a luscious landscape with a breathtaking backdrop of dramatic mountains.

Disa Pool- the ultimate picnic stop. Crystal clear waters and private waterfalls, my idea of heaven.

Writing this has brought so many good memories back to me. I can’t wait to be able to plan another trip away to visit the Cederberg again soon. It’s a massive area with A LOT more trails we need to explore!

This was the perfect first trip to the Cederberg and an incredibly stunning area. We could have stayed here for weeks!

Send me a message with any questions or suggestions, I would love to hear from you.

Tasha x.

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